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Name/Version: Stereo Imaging Utility 1.0
Author: istewart  
Description: A simple utility to manipulate the natural stereo image of your tracks.

Decreasing the "WIDTH" control slowly pans both the left and right channels toward center, allowing you to maintain the natural image while decreasing it's overall width.

The "OFFSET" control then allows you to shift the entire image left and right, but only by as much as you've decreased it.

For example: if a normal stereo signal consists of the left channel panned 50L (full left) and the right channel panned 50R (full right), reducing the width to 50% will result in the left channel being panned 25L and the right channel being panned 25R. You could then use the offset to move the image entirely to the right side of the stereo field. Increasing the offset to 50R will effectively place the entire image between C and 50R.

Another way to think of it is that at 0% width you have a mono signal (no surprise there), at which point the offset works as a normal pan pot. If you were to offset (pan) all the way left and then slowly increase the width, the right side of your image would slowly move back to the right across your stereo field.

This is my first M4L device, hopefully you find it helpful and effective. Feedback is welcome!

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Live Version Used: 9.1
Max Version Used: 6.1.3
Date Added: Dec 11 2013 23:21:33
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Device File: Stereo Imaging Utility.amxd


I have been looking for something like this, I used to use a lot of s1-stereo-imager from Waves for this, seems to be kind of the same functionality from what I can read, Cheers.

Glad you're finding it useful! It is fairly similar to the width and rotation controls on the S1, although the S1 uses MS level adjustments to change the width whereas this is effectively just panning the left and right channels toward center to narrow things up if desired, and will never make a sound wider than it was originally. It's a subtle technical difference but it does sound a little different.

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