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Name/Version: Dmixer 1.0.2
Author: dessicant  
Description: Utility device which recreates the mixer section for a track.

Ableton's utility is great for automating volume and panning, but it only goes to -35db. Often, the sound is still audible at this level. Audio effect racks can work around this, but the user interface makes it feel like a workaround, not a feature. By using Live's own gain slider, we can go to -70db, mute and pan while leaving the mixer section free to MIX, independent of automation curves.

* Peak metering
* Gain as a slider and numeric value
* Unity gain button to quickly reset to 0.0db
* Stereo panning
* Mute button

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Downloads: 2948
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 9.0.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.3
Date Added: Oct 20 2013 04:29:24
Date Last Updated: Apr 17 2014 01:00:27
Average Rating (3) 2
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: Dmixer.amxd



omg I *hate* the utility device for just that very reason.

Can I hug you over the internet? I mean, this is such a solid piece of patch.

I like using the live.gain~?to do the monitoring, and the patch is clean clean.
...There's a residual live.gain~? in there, though, it seems like we can just remove it.

Any way; thanks :)


Thanks! Good catch-- I was doing some A/Bing of the signal pre- and post-pan, and forgot to take it out. Updated!

Yo you are the man - great idea, went ahead and popped one of these on every channel in my default set!

I wanted to create exactly the same! You save me time.... thank you!

I unfortunately found a minor issue.

If you put an instance of your plugin on the track there's only the left audio played. After moving the pan knob the problem is gone.

There seems to be a minor problem with the initial value of the right pan knob.

After the plugin is loaded you'll not see it anymore. In order to reproduce the issue you have to restart Ableton Live and put your plugin on the track.

Ah... Maybe that's important... I tested it with Live 9.1 beta but most likely it's the same with Live 9.0.6.

Took me a moment to find a possible fix..... you have to put a live.thisdevice object above the master pan knob.

loadbang did not work.

Thanks, ssrmpc. I actually set an initial value in the live.dial inspector, but forgot to tick off "Initial Enable." Updated the device.

While it's intentions are well-meaning, it's pretty buggy as is. I've been getting crashes using it in Max 6.1 and Live 9.1.7 64-bit on Mac.

Also, every single fader change counts against an Undo step. So if you have automation moving a fader, good luck trying to undo everything, every single automation change, even if it's just a line, not a breakpoint, will count as an Undo step.

most unfortunatelly super buggy... crashing all the time here with latest Abe version :(

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