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Name/Version: coulsounds - Operator 12 tone 1.2
Author: coulis  
Description: This device allows you to map the 'Fine' parameter on Operator and control it in semi-tones (rather than 1000ths of a tone).
There are 4 selectors for each of the operators and an offset feature to fine tune your sound.

A great use for this device is playing chords in 'mono' mode, which means you can still use the 'glide' feature.

When using the algorithm where all four operators are individual sound sources, this device effectively turns Operator into a 4-voice subtractive synth.

Release Notes:

v.1.1 - Updated the offset parameters so that they can be MIDI controlled/automated.

v.1.2 - Added a reset button to resend note values.

Included in the download:
Operator 12tone v.1.2
User manuel

Check out for more details.

This device is available to purchase from the Sellfy link below. A promo code to get this device for free comes with any purchase of the coulsounds-Sync Tool:

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Downloads: 641
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 9.0.3
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Jun 18 2013 06:39:46
Date Last Updated: Mar 08 2017 20:35:45
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): Commercial

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Device File: go_to_the_website.amxd


Very Useful!!
Would love to see an automatic mapping of A B C & D. Something similar to the Device Randomizer where you hit map and then just the title of the device.

Thanks, glad you are finding it handy :)
I'll look into the auto-mapping, shouldn't be too hard to implement. In the meantime, it might be a good idea to save an instrument rack with the device already mapped.

Great! I was just about to build something like this.

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