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Name | Version: Triggered Dual Envelope 1.1
Author: josquin2000
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: v 1.11 = silly dev bug lost auto 1-127 from first envelope: wrong! Fixed now.
v1.1 Fixed envelopes, added "loop envelope" option, scaling of envelope, utilities for length determining now decouple bar length and added note vals (can have one without the other)
The loop stuff makes the envelope act like a drawable, syncable 'lfo'
have big fun

After a favorite old panel Moog module. Actually, a pair of line segment function controller: make an envelope, chose time length of envelope, chose note number or controller number whose non zero value (note on) will trigger envelope, assign to a parameter, choose if you want to free parameter after envelope...then, make second envelope, chose it's length, and the delay before it 'plays'.


Live Version Used: 8.1.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Jan 09 2010 12:13:41
Date Last Updated: Jan 24 2010 10:35:16
Downloads: 1404
License: AttributionShareAlike
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Device File: TriggeredDualEnvelope.amxd


ok, i'll start the buglist:
it assumes whole note length measures (4/4) when calculating 'bars'...outta bite the bullet and look up time sig and do dah math to get the correct time in millseconds for whatever time sig.

it *could* trigger on *any* value of
midi control values or midinotes , not just nonzero,
or offer that as an option. Especially for control values,
it's nice to be able to tap the controller in any state and have it trigger.


This is referred to in the field as 'requirements gathering'..go ahead, tell me how you like it....
the worst I could do is laff at the difficulty..;-)

now i test that patch ;)

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