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Name/Version: GROOVESLICE 1.0
Author: ryan7585  
Description: This is the first version of what is now a full-featured, live audio manipulator. This version has limited features but is available for free.

The free version of GrooveSlice records a full bar of audio, then allows you to select a portion of that audio to play back in a loop, with various controls for playback speed and forward/reverse: a slider, jump-to buttons for common speeds, and a number box for custom speeds/pitches.

Playback is retriggered to the start position every bar, so you get consistent patterns for every measure.



Use the slider for scratch-style effects or to slide between different playback speeds smoothly.

Playback speed is tied to pitch, so use that to your advantage. Get dualing guitar melodies or polyrhythmic drums by experimenting with different speeds and loop selections.

If a chord is more harmonic, it will produce a more aligned (less complex) polyrhythm:
-An octave higher is double-speed (2x)
-An octave lower is half-speed (0.5x)
-A fifth higher is One-and-a-half-speed and gets swing rhythms (1.5x)
-A fifth lower is Three-quarter speed and gets slower swing rhythms. (0.75x)
-Other chords produce other rhythmic effects, but this is always true: if the harmony is better, the rhythm syncs up better.
-Harmony ratios are harmonic because they are simple. The western scale uses a certain set, but make sure to try other simple ratios (single-digit denominator like 3/4, 5/2, 2/7, etc) for your playback speed, to see what rhythmic effects you get.


****Harmony ratios :

Unison: 1.0
m2: 1.0666..
M2: 1.125
m3: 1.2
M3: 1.25
m4,M4: 1.3333...
Tritone: 1.4
Fifth: 1.5
m6: 1.6
M6: 1.6666..
m7: 1.75
M7: 1.875
Octave: 2.0

Multiply any of these by a power of two (0.25, 0.5, 1, 2 , 4, 6, 8, etc) to get these notes in different octaves.

The new, full version has knobs, preset buttons and other options to allow you to easily switch between these harmony ratios, in different scales, along with more quantize options and a better GUI! Link below :)

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Downloads: 4882
Tags sampler, effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj
Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Feb 06 2013 00:36:03
Date Last Updated: Jan 06 2015 23:34:26
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Device File: GrooveSlice.amxd


Issues are fixed now. Still a 5sec maximum on loop point ranges, a couple GUI improvements and changes to defaults I'd like to make, but the plugin is fully functional now. Enjoy!!!!

KNlib no longer needed. Works fully with internal code.

From now on I'll just post updates in the description. Look there for the latest information about issues and new features.

Major update to fix issues that were previously unknown. Stack overflow errors no longer present, and abstraction added. If there are any other issues please provide feedback so I know there is a problem

Great work, indeed.

If you freeze and lock the device grvvv will be included and people won't have to go to untrusted download sites for abstractions. Cheers.

Thanks Lokua. Device updated-- frozen and locked. Also some updates--- fixed a timing glitch and now loop syncs better. That made a huge difference in the functionality. Added a hold button by the timing slider to allow for bar-synced timing changes. I am unaware of any more existing issues. Please report any here in the comments section

Working on a new version, with simplified controls, more layerss, annd more options. Hope you like it! It will be coming out very soon.

Amazing news! Due to my work on this plugin I am now a member of the Isotonik team! They are the developers of the famed template for the APC40, and amazing work done in collaboration with Akai and Novation, among others. Thank you everyone for downloading and a special thanks to the beta testers, and Darren Cowley from Isotonik!

~!~ The new GrooveSlice has countless uses and will no doubt become an essential part of your setup. Release coming soon! Keep checking here and at to stay up to date, or sign up for the mailing list by emailing me at ~!~

Amazing device!!! But waveform display behaves strange((( After saving project file and reopen it changes!( also loop length automation disables.

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