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Name/Version: M4L Drum Box 3.3
Author: egnouf  
Description: Drum Box V3.3 (20th May 2013)
a xox sequencer with a simple user interface and efficient functions. This patch is nice & cpu friendly :-)

The sequencer is derived from the Skinner Box M4L device as I like the sequencer look & feel. The functions proposed were also very pertinent.

I also took some ideas from the Elektron Octatrack (LFOs...) and Arturia Spark looping function (Loop/Divide...).

** Use this patch with drum rack or any synth to create easily nice sounds!

Main Functions
- WRITE // easily drum lines (or melody)
- SAVE // Patterns are automatically saved and reloaded in your live set,
- FLAM // You can make sort of FLAM - LoopDivide from Arturia Spark machine.
- CHAIN // You can CHAIN Patterns (i.e. SONG mode).
- LFOs // to modulate any parameters like on the Octatrack :-)
- PRE-FILLED patterns (71 in total)
- SWING function
- TRANSPOSE function
- each parameter value (lfo, settings, midi notes...) can be saved into different presets making this plug-in very flexible and creative ;-)

Other functions
- You can change the midi velocity for each row -> VOL from 0 to 127 maximum.
- You can add accent. Each accent row can have a specific value .. from 0 to 127 maximum.
- You can randomize the rows
- You can change the direction, playing forward or reverse
- You can select the speed for each row -> 1/16, 1/8, 1/32, etc.
- You can change the midi notes for each rows (C1 , C#2 ...)
- you can change the length of the track from 1 step to 16 steps..
- all the functions can be mapped on your favorite midi controller, you can thus control the length of your track in real time making Repeat Effects. You can play with volumes of accents, etc!
- SOLO Function
- You can create several tracks using several drum box.
- You can save all your patterns on your hard disk.


New in Version 3.3
- performance improvements: the 4 patterns recall do not hang anymore (making a glitch noize).

New in Version 3.0
- 4 patterns can be recalled (on the fly) using your favorite midi controller (quneo, launchpad, mpk...)
- slight changes in the User Interface
- yes I jump from from 3.0 to 3.3 ;-)

New in Version 2.9
- pattern length are now saved correctly into the presets
- to start the loop divide effect, you need to ARM it first!
- minor correction in user interface
- you can swap this tool from previous version without loosing your presets/patterns.
- big thanks to Rasmus Fris for debugging my tool :-)

New in Version 2.8
- Transpose function added

New in Version 2.7
- more parameters can be modulate by the LFOs
- note length is saved into presets
- minor bugs corrected.

Support, Participation & Futures Functions:

Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any issues, request, new features :-)

Either use the M4L community, or drop me a mail at

/// Support me and donate, a little sum is enough!
/// Thanks!

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Downloads: 6623
Tags drum, sequencer, glitch
Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Jan 14 2013 16:37:38
Date Last Updated: Mar 13 2016 15:25:38
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: M4L Drum Box V3.3.amxd


Merci ? toi , j'ai vus ton poste sur AF . Je le test demain ;)


I have developed a new version (I am testing it still)... with 5x LFOs section (you will be able to modulate any paramater automatically) and Shift pattern functions.

Hope you will like it ;-)

I will update it only in 10 days (testing, and I want to make a short video to show how versatile and experimental can be this tool).

Thanks again for your support!

Wonder if you can provide new wooden sidebars, if they get broken.

Yes, I can. you can have Wooden or Metal ones :-)

hey... is possible to configure it with a launchpad sequencer using live 9 and max 6 ?

no, you can't use it with launchpad :-(

I don't have this controller.

your idea to control the M4L drum box with a controller like Launchpad and quneo is a very nice idea.

let me think about it and check how this can be handle.

i think that it can be the most downloaded m4l patch...because every stepseq for launchpad now are not working... monomeemu, stepseq, drumseq and the ohters are not working yet on max 6 and live 9... :( the only step that is working is launchpad95 and its a python work :( the best for me was monomeemu with obo ( stretta monome sequencer) was a 16 steps with 8 rows ( 2 x 8x8 buttons)

I got you ;-)

just few remarks:
- I thought a lot about adding the launchpad, quneo, etc... to this patch but when I started to create this tool (few months ago), I wanted to play drums while I was in a train, hotel, etc... no need to have a controller.

I thought that if you had a launchpad, there are many patches for M4L that connect to launchpad, mono, etc. I guess I am wrong or well, those patches are not UI friendly or donot adress specific needs?

- I wonder how I can map efficiently the M4L drum box to the laucnhpad.

I have a quneo and how do I display the 5 rows and 16 steps on the pads efficiently? I am not speaking in terms of programming but more in terms of "user interface".
if you have any hint - pictures with your ideas are welcome - I would love to read them: it could help me :-)


every patches are not workin on max 6 and live 9 ... i painted my idea for you ...sorry for this bad works but i did it in 5 minutes :D [IMG][/IMG] ....
i hope that this can help to make a 64 step sequencer with 8 different sounds on 8x8 buttons machine... that can be integrate with 8 buttons on the launchpad's left to create 8 different machine :D

these 8 different layout with the violet buttons on the right can be used to integrate 8 different machine running 8 different drum box putted in 8 differents ableton midi channels that can be mixed with a crossfader :D

youah! I checked your draw and I understand better want to acheive. I have to be honnest with you and I have to admit that this is a "big" change in the sequencer max for live methods. It is not impossible to implement , it might be long for my level of programming :-(

I should publish soon a new version with:
- more LFO types (random, etc) and,
- 5 recall slots; you put inside those slots any presets you saved and want to recall using a midi controller -> You can map those slots with any midi controller and when you click on a PAD on the luanchpad or the quneo or akaki mpk... the slots selected is automatically recalled... this give you the possibility in live to change on the fly and with a lot of ease the presets... hope it will be clearer when I will publish the new version ;-)

Take care and I keep your idea in mind and will think of it little by little :-)


PS: can you send me the image to my personal email (egnouf AT gmail DOT com) as I could not save it into my hard disk?

the different between my idea and yours is that with qneo or Lp pads ... i would like to use them to create beat on fly ...with yours idea you can just recall presets :)
i think that the best can be have pads to create beats on the fly and buttons on the right to recall presets on the fly :D
i am a new in these world and i dont know anything about programming but i hope that someone can help us on maxforlive forum... i think that the best is ask to monomeemu creator to work with you ... this is what he did for launchpad user...
with these setup ...u can emulate untill 8 x monome 256 buttons
i used these with obo ( maxforlive monome drum sequencer)

look these page too :

you are right for the pattern recall ;-) it's not intended to create beat on the fly :-)

you don't have programming skills but you have most important: good ideas and good way of thinking to implement things easily ;-)

note I try to keep things simple.. so I may perhaps try to create a button that switch the interface from simple to extended. in extended you have the 64 steps...

I will check your links and try to work on something.. good that you gave me some links, I can then try to copy those codes and implement it into the M4L drum box.

talk to you soon (well... I hope!)

Hi, why is the last sequencer row red? I cannot see any difference in the patch.

You are right, there are no differences!

in fact I put in red this row to make a User interface / look different. at the beginning, I just wanted to use this row just for my percussion sounds and I wanted to make it more visible than the other 4 rows. that's all. it is just a cosmetic thing :-)

Hey, I like it, works nicely for creating beats. One thing though: When I reload the set, the sequencer is blank. Beats are not saved :( I though because you use live. objects, alle settings are saved?

Thanks for any help!

Hello, and thanks for appreciating the tool :-)

about your issue -> you need to save the patterns in the tool using the "store" button. otherwise it doesnot save the presets, etc.

tell me if it solved your problem ?

Ah, ok. Then it works. Not my usecase then, though. But thanks for the reply.

"Not my usecase then, though."
I don't understand, sorry!

what do you mean?

I mean that I am way too lazy to save my patterns as presets. I just need the current pattern to be saved when I save my liveset, and to be recalled when I open Live. I implemented my own sequencer which does just that.

Oki, I understand now :-)
In fact, I will look at what could be done to overcome this "issue".
could be just a setting in my patch.. let me check.. I come back as soon as I can :-)

is it possible add functionality, to be able to use this with either my LaunchPad, or iPad running Lemur or TouchOSC?

basically to map the grid, and to show the play positions.

the rest can already be mapped in ableton.

I would be happy to build the iPad layout(s) in Lemur or TouchOSC

I have tried ambivalent beats with my setup, and that has never worked.

Well, It is possible to map to a launchpad, etc. I need to add more code to it.. and unfortunately I have issues:
- M4L is a pain with Presets.. and now I can't really change my code wihtout making the patch crashes.. I know it's strange but true!
- If I map the patch to a midi controller then it changes the philosophy, my aim was to create beats from my mouse and not from a controller (there are many patch who does that no?)

Now, I am currently working with sonic faction, we will provide soon some free patches.. .but I will also publish a new version of the Drum box.. LIGHT version, I will try then to see if I can add you functionnality :-)

I hope it answers your question?

Very nice it reminds me the fl studio step sequencer. but mutch better! los!

Very nice it reminds me the fl studio step sequencer. but mutch better! los!

Very nice it reminds me the fl studio step sequencer. but mutch better! los!

I have publish a light version of this patch: the Drum Box Light

enjoy -->

Hey, really enjoying using this but could you tell me how I chain patterns together?

Many thanks :)

To chain patterns, you have to click on the box rigth under the 'R' in red. tell me if it's still doesnot work.

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