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Name | Version: APC40 MATRIX MODES 1.4
Author: JuanSOLO
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This patch toggles the APC40's Matrix between default mode, and a custom user mode. Works by pressing the Track Selection button for the track this device is on.

Works great for sending midi notes, CC's or PGM#'s

Drop the device on a Midi Track.
Read the "?" file.
Now click the edit button and get to making your custom Matrix Mode.
You should be able to put these on multiple tracks, and configure each one for each track.

Last UPDATE 2/23/2013

1. Find a better preset solution
2. See if I can figure out how to select a portion of the Matrix Editor and change values of the selected portion
3. Make selecting Track with the mouse reflect changes.
4. Possibly find a better solution for recording notes into clips and avoiding midi loops.
5. Maybe use the Device Knobs in edit mode to edit each button via APC40.
6. Make Scene Launch and Stop Clips do something, or perform default functions when the mode is enabled.

Tell me what you think.


Live Version Used: 9
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Jan 06 2013 20:37:58
Date Last Updated: Feb 23 2013 16:53:16
Downloads: 2282
License: None
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Device File: APC40 MATRiX MODES v004.amxd


nice! was wondering, is it possible for a device like this to only take over half of the normal grid?
It's possible, but I wouldn't try to so that with this device, better to build from scratch for that.
You would have to disable the matrix, then tell half the matrix to interpret clip launching/recording depending on where the red box was at.
Definitely possible, but too much work for me to take on.
yep, that's what i decided after getting under the hood a bit. i really like your editor window, used it to visually set up what i wanted to do. i think i'm going to use the user python script tool and osculator to make this work, since i don't need much of the apc's standard functionality for live dj. the end result will be ableton and deckadance working in sync all from the apc40!
Hey there, first of all I love your device, spend a lot of time with it. But when I save a preset and trying to load it nothing happens. I'm using windows - could this be the problem?
Also when I save the preset with the live browser and load it again all my changes are lost.

It would be also nice if the 8 Stopbuttons are automatically maped to the 8 Presetslots - very powerful when it works!
heey juan look what i did,
its the goddamn 64 slot loopstation!!
shes here! shes wants your blood!
Great Juan. this was what I am looking for. split the 8x8 matrix in columns you can decide and assign them to the clip launch of the first two tracks. these are scrollable by the cursor, up and down, the other are fixed for loops, drums and so on. I am very beginner of m4l so I find it very hard to study. what do you think about this solution? regards from Italy
I'm taking an indefinite hiatus from Live and M4L to focusing on music without a computer.

The best advice I have on this kind of stuff, is get the "Live API explorer" device, learn it.

Ask a lot of questions at the maxforlive Ableton forum, and the cycling74 M4L forum.

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