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Name | Version: CC Boy 0.8
Author: 3dot
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: still work in progress..
(I'm not sure 'toggle' for buttons works as planned)

allows the mapping of 16 MIDI CC/s (8 knobs/buttons) from the MIDI track input...
to Live parameters all over the set...
therefore,, allows to record clip automations..(as MIDI CCs)

more than 1 device can be used in series..
modulation destination can be switched while looping midi ccs...

doesn't use live.remote~ so pretty decent cpu usage...

click on a knob/button to edit mapping and scaling settings...

hope it's useful..


Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Jul 24 2012 11:07:44
Date Last Updated: Jul 24 2012 11:14:41
Downloads: 453
License: None
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Device File: CcBoy_08.amxd



I'm at work cant really test it with a controller.
However after giving it the once over, it would be nice to see a quick video demonstration of setting it up and using it.
1.have a synth part looping ...

2.put this device on the same or different track

3. press 1-16 button and 'all on' button on ccboy

4. map 1st 2 knobs to filter and res of the synth

5. draw/record envelopes for CC1 and 2 to the midi clip in the track where the device is on
I will be on this as soon as I get to the house!
Hi, thanks for your great device, super useful.
A few observations:
What do you think of 2 versions, one with buttons and one with knobs? You will have more space for labels and no conflicts.
Now the buttons seems to 'battle' with knobs.
Also if i lock the device i can normally edit things.
I actually built this first with my BCR2000 in mind..
hence the 8 buttons+8 knobs...
I'm already workinng on a slimmer version of this...

8+8 automation is of course very good.
I think if your next version will be on a single screen with no popups and without the cc blocks on the right, it will be in the top ten device of this site.
yeah the bars on the right ...

are really only useful if you want to map to the whole 128 cc range easily by having 8 of these on a track...
auto mapping a device to a 16 range and 'locking' it..
Looks like the functionality I've been looking for. But I can't get the "Target" part to work. In the track list, there's a bunch of non-existing tracks listed (1 DM1 LPC, 2 DM2 SL25, 3 MIDI - 1, 4 MIDI Evolver, Evolver1, Evolver2, 7-MIDI, A-AETHER, B-NastyDLSii and Master. When I click "list" everything is erased. I'm left with three empty lists. Map does not react when I click the intended target parameter.
did you turn it on ?

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