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Name | Version: RandruM4L 2.0
Author: rdm
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Randrum sends random midi notes to any midi device inside live.
You can control the note range and velocity range, if "random velocitiy" is turned on. You can also set the note divison. Bpm is synced to your current Live Set.

* This works great with glichty percussions.
** If you want to use it with harmonic instruments, add Live's "Scale" Midi effect and every note will play in tune.

This thing is pretty simple, i hope you still like it.
Have Fun.

Update v. 1.1
*replaced floats with live.numboxes so they can be automated and saved as presets.
* start and stop toggle is now synced with lives transport.

Update v. 2.0
* you can now (optional) select the range while dragging your mouse over the keyboard

* beside midi numbers you can now also see what midi notes (C-1) you are choosing, to get a better visual feedback.

* EVERY parameter, even toggles, are replaced with live.objects, so you can automate every parameter now.

* "note-stealing" was added. set the amount of stealing (notes not coming through to live) or randomize.


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Dec 03 2009 08:21:10
Date Last Updated: Dec 04 2009 10:10:54
Downloads: 4472
License: None
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Device File: RandruM4L 2.amxd


You might want to change those number boxes to live.number boxes so they can be automated and saved as presets in Live.

Hi there!

Thanks a lot for this patch, I really like it!
Also, I was wondering if your "nL" patch will be available for M4L? I really really really like it! I use it already into Max but i'd like to have this device on more than one tracks.

@ micheline

thanks for the feedback / interest..

well im about to be done patching rl for m4l.. but iam still having a few problems here and there.. e.g the random loop function does not yet work so well in live..

just check back here.. ill let you know when its out
Great news! Thanks a lot!
Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Yeah! Thanks a lot! I really like it! It works well.

great work, i've to try it asap ! thanks !

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