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Name | Version: Mapulator 1.0.2
Author: BentoSan
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Mapulator allows any control in Ableton to be controlled by a knob in almost any way; controlling multiple parameters of an effect or synth, or even multiple parameters of a chain of synths and effects is a breeze. Mapulator enables the user to go beyond the limitations of mapping in Ableton live in a very simple and easy to use fashion.

"You're probably familiar with changing control values in real time in Live, as well as sequencing them with envelopes and automation editing. Mapulator, a new free Max for Live device from DJ Tech Tools contributor BentoSan, is a hybrid of these two methods. Set a custom control mapping (similar to an envelope), then scrub back-and-forth through it with Mapulator's "Smart" control knob." -

It can be used to control synths, an LFO style effect if you modulate the knob with automation, give your hardware a totally new level of control and generally take all your effects knobs to a totally new level of mapping.

There is also a premium version of mapulator in the works so stay tuned !

What people are saying about Mapulator:

Matt Moldover - - "This is great. I really like the layered interface."

S4racen - - "Awesome work mate, you've really brung it! ... a master example of what can be acheived in M4L."

Peter Kirn - - "Not just a clever Max for Live hack"

Total Harmonic Control - "Its rapidly becoming a staple in my studio!"

Anshul Vishwakarma - "This is amazing. Exactly what I was looking for. I had always thought a non-linear MIDI control mapping tool would be a great addition to Ableton, and now we finally have it!"

Reynaldo Ochoa - "Its just amazing!! a great workaround to automation curves in live"

David De Garie-Lamanque - "You have just opened Pandora's Box for all Live Controllerists!!!! Thank you for this amazing device!"


Live Version Used: 8.2.8
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Apr 03 2012 11:48:02
Date Last Updated: Apr 03 2012 11:51:15
Downloads: 6
License: AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives
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Very cool device; just reporting in v 1.02 parameter names still do not save with my live sets. Thnx.
Such an ingenious, yet simple, little device. Well done - cheers!
Idea is good but this plug adds HUGE latency as other plugins using live.remote~ module. With a 5ms audio buffer you have 12ms delay on an envelope. The envelope sampling frequency is not smooth either.
How can I download version 1.02? I'm already signed up at DJTT but I can't get the link to work. It says I need to sign up but it won't let me use my email again? Re. the above comment: are parameter assignments be saved with Live sets now?
Took a while to get if working due to software versions. This is cool. Chain 8 of them to have 8 "blue-hand" super knobs. Everything just got a lot more complicated due to the range of assignable possibilities but thats fine by me.
All hail Bento
@BentoSan Multiple users have reported that the download link for this device does not work, even after registering on your site. Please fix it or I will be forced to remove this device from the library.
THis is such a great app but it wont' save any settings anymore with the new ableton! Thank you so much!

I'm highly dependent on this working again! Any Ideas when there'd be a new version? I'd even donate for it!
Same question as leanderr, this device is really powerfull and can't stay useless !
Bentosan, save us..
Is there any replacement in this database?
I've made one but not yet with multiples parameters

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