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Name/Version: BS-3 2.9.4
Author: mspuser  
Description: my first device.

BS3 is a 3 voiced polyphonic sequencer that generates a near infinite amount of quantized melodies. inspired by Sting by iftah and Brian Ino.

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Downloads: 963
Tags drum, sequencer, other, push
Live Version Used: 11.2.1
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: Mar 23 2024 18:54:43
Date Last Updated: Mar 25 2024 09:32:47
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: BS-3_v2.9.4.amxd


Holy Crap!!.. This is awesome.
Only request I might have at this stage is that if you are able to, could you make it compatible with Live 12's universal scale mode?

this is hottttttttttt - excellent/powerful "little" piece of kit right here

I've played with many generative M4L/etc sequencers and this instantly holds its own with the heavyweights

Really cool device?thank you for sharing it. I'm getting lots of CPU spiking when it's turned on tho (nothing else in the project but an operator on the same track). :/

these are so lovely! I agree with the comment comparing it to the other gen. sequencers out there!

@homebelly, I was thinking the same thing, it's an obvious candidate.

@missingfile, there's a very fast clock in there constantly telling a multislider how many sliders to have, times three - I think that might be the culprit? look for [r fast], a few zl change objects might help, I think.

@wetterberg that is the culprit alongside the uzi 16 hitting the multisliders. not to mention whatever is going on with "p noteoffgen"

i tried to use zl but i couldn't figure out a way to have it behave identically. i know there is a way. any suggestions feel free to DM on twitter

thank you for all the kind words!!

Crave being able to click and drag within the UI itself sometimes want more control over velocity or what step is triggering

What a great plugin!!!! I've been using it a lot on Keys and Pads creating my own unique textures! Dope ASS PLUGIN!!! ?

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