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Name | Version: DeviceSnapshotManager 1.1.1
Author: ChipPanFireDotCom
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Adds the ability to store and recall ‘snapshots’ of Ableton Live devices in realtime

(note this is now free, but may not work reliably with Live 9...)


Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Jan 21 2012 10:15:21
Date Last Updated: Nov 20 2018 17:18:59
Downloads: 5

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License: None
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Once again..... Why is this in the free device library.......
I would feel worried that this device was not posted on the site despite the fact that the developer has posted clearly that his device cost's the bank breaking fee of 1.50 euro's.

It works like a gem, and works with 3rd party plugins, I had some great fun working with 'Camel Space'.

It's an essential item and will be used in every set I do from now on.

I would be happy to support anyone who feels they would like to make a little 'Tea' money from there labours, If I can see it working and it fit's my needs, then it's all good.

hey this looks pretty cool - would be nice if there was a random step sequencer built in that could control the trigger of various presets to the beat... or if there was some way to send midi notes from a midi clip into this to be able to manually sequence the triggering of various presets... also more presets would be nice (especially when controlling complex patches like reaktor live tools, etc).. but a pretty awesome demo!
Tried it by loading a few presets in operator with hotswap and storing them. Didn't work, each time I load a new preset and store it, the previous sounds change.
Live 8.2.8, max 5.1.9
The aforementioned issue using Device Snapshot Manager with Operator have been fixed in v1.1.1 of the device
This stoked that somebody finally got a stable version working of this for VST, good purchase.

Is it possible to add an auto write mode that automatically writes presets to clips, basically basically want to add to patch something that automatically uses Live's API to attach parameter settings to clip id and storing it in a matrix for each recorded clip.

This way the original setting for the clip can be recalled when ever clip is selected for playback or dragged into session arrangement!!!

i am made a variante for live

for trig preset 1

when another scene is select
It is great! Thank's for sharing! Is it possible to make smooth morphing knob between presets like within clyph x snapshots?

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