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Name/Version: Flip.Turn - Live Performance Enhancers 1.0.0
Author: orthogonal  
Description: Flip / Turn are two handy devices that elevate your Ableton Live performances when using sequencers like Flow (or any other ones) in your sets.

These devices automatically mute any input when no clips are active in the Session View, granting you greater control, precision, and seamless integration of your sequencer patterns with your live set — without any unwanted sounds or timing issues.

MIDI sequencers always start playing as soon as you trigger the Play button — regardless of whether there are active clips on their respective tracks. They just keep going until you stop the global playback.

While this behavior is suitable for most scenarios, it poses a challenge during live performances in Session View. In a live setting, you may prefer your sequencer patterns to start and stop in sync with the Session View clips on their corresponding tracks. And that's where Flip and Turn come in.

Flip serves as a MIDI device that intelligently blocks MIDI input when no Session View clips are currently launched on its track. Simply insert it after your sequencer in the MIDI rack, and it will handle the rest.

Turn functions as an audio effect designed for use with sequencers that generate audio signals. It operates similarly: just place it after your sequencer on the audio rack, and it will block audio input if no clips are currently launched on its track.

Turn offers two additional settings that you can tweak: Attack and Release. They determine how quickly the gate opens or closes for the audio signal. You can use them to make smooth transitions and prevent clicks.

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Tags sequencer, effect, utility
Live Version Used: 11.3.12
Max Version Used: 8.5.6
Date Added: Feb 14 2024 10:56:46
Date Last Updated: Apr 22 2024 17:37:36
Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial


Flip refuses to work for me, it just won't turn on and let midi through... have you had this issue? This is on Windows 11, Live 11.

A restart after installing it fixed it! Sorry for the false report. Unrelated, but: I would love a third device, one that you can map to a parameter!
Flip, Turn... Twist?

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