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Devices by yehezkelraz

STEPS Version 1.0
MOMENTARY 8 Version 1.0
FADE Version 2.0
TEMPO Version 2.0
stepMELODY Version 1.1
MOMENTARY 8 Pro Version 1.0 - Audio to MIDI Version 1.0
JAZZ ME Version 2.0 - MIDI Gate Version 1.0
Back to the Future - TIME MACHINE Version 1.0
YouTube Version 1.0
TAPE LOOP Version 1.1

Total Downloads: 4,708

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"M4L.api.DeviceParameter" should get 0-1 not 0-100..
check out my MOMENTARY_8 again.

hi chaircrusher, thanks
could you please try again? (download it again also),
everything is working fine here..