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About xekerall: Plataforma Digital de Criação Musical e Desenvolvimento de Controladores.

Developed by @homerobasilio

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Xekerall Laranja Version 1.2.3
Xekerall M4L Version 1.2

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Justix66, please help me to understand what happen.
Send a printscreen to
Here, so far, so good!

Thank You Sinex5, hope you enjoy!

Hi @tonydnb92
This version of Xekerall is loaded with some samples I have.
If you want to change, you must to open this maxpatch, unfreeze to edit, select all samples you want and drag to maxpatch and a new playlist will be created automatically. Then move all patch cords to your new playlist. I hope this will be helpful.

Thank you Hacktive, now it's fixed.