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About whiteboxsynthmakers: Left STOMP. Started off making VSTis on Synthedit then moved onto Max 4 Live and still engrossed in everything Ableton. I make Live racks often utilising M4L, all free.

By the way, no longer called Whiteboxsynthmakers. Called Flintpope.
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ARCTURUS free Ableton Live 9 Rack Version 1.33
MELLOTRONICA Free Ableton Live Rack Version 1.22

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Comments by whiteboxsynthmakers


Thanks happytosh!


Everyone except Monolake is a novice. This instrument of yours has real attention to detail: it sounds like a different variety of strings... bowed, plucked, TWANGED. I think it is inspiring.

This is so good I logged in to comment!

This may almost give TENSION a run for its money. I am inspired to create a Live rack around this little beauty. Thanks ever so much for making this.

Mad machine! I am impressed and want to use bits of it in m my own boxes as a granular delay I will credit you of course.

Always love the sound of scratchy smelly plastic!

Always completely in awe of anything by you, Herr Henke/Monolake. No idea yet how Granulator 1 works despite some hours tinkering with the circuits. Looking forward to this new one once I can get my head around the new Live/Max updates.

Hey, nice one! I'm honoured you praise the Baconfist but I have to confess I found the reverb patch after hours of dead-ends and deleted links. It was on an obscure max site somewhere in France.

All praise to Les Max Francais!

However, there's a lot more to Baconfist than a reverb....

I like this

yes, a fab piece of work. gave it 5

This is what Max is good at. Simple yet surprising. Thanks jabbone.

I really enjoy the sound of this. You've done a terrific job. I was going to try and mix your work into my prettified visual version of laverne but so far I'm not up to speed on all that patching.

You've made a "working class synth" sound classy.