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the maxglu java class error results of a missing java option.
just add the new third option to "" file:

max.jvm.option -Djava.library.path=[deeploops-root]/bin
max.dynamic.jar.dir [deeploops-root]/java/lib
max.dynamic.class.dir [deeploops-root]/java/bin

and the problem with presets:
when saving the m4l device (.amxd) as a new preset (.adv), ableton imports/copy the deeploop.amxd deep into your Ableton "User Library" folder, which results in errors because of blank spaces in path, and the new preset/.adv references to this new amxd.
solution: clean/remove the new preset file and also the imported amxd file from:

User Library\Presets\MIDI Effects\Max MIDI Effect\Imported\deeploops.amxd

now create a copy of the whole [deeploops-root] folder to your "Max MIDI Effect\Imported" directory, e.g.:

User Library\Presets\MIDI Effects\Max MIDI Effect\Imported\deeploops\deeploops.amxd

and at least: import this amxd-file into ableton, save it as new preset and

tadaah :)

( the new deeploops.amxd-copy uses your initial blank-space-free path directory [deeploops-root], so just don't move it.)

*bookmark and wait for windows version*

i had three troubleshooting hours on windows 10 and ableton live 10, but i described a solution.

-> avoid special chars and blank space chars in paths!
-> ableton live 9: requires cycling 74, it's on board with ableton live 10
-> "":
ableton live 9: use location of Cycling '74 folder
ableton live 10: use location of ableton folder
-> i had no luck by loading deeploops as a preset device (alp), so i load deeploops.amxd always directly from deeploops-root folder

instruction details: