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it does work routing form independent channels, solved!

thanks for your answer. Well yes, that's the thing, I want to control it using audio input that doe'snt come from the movie itself but from outside. I'll get into it's stomach to try to convert it into an audio effect, because I tried as you suggest " If you do not want to play sound out of a movie file to modulate (self modulate) the movie file then in a separate audio or midi track with sound output, load the envelope follower in to that track and map
to a number box in Rutt Etra (which is in another independent track)" and there is no way (or I'm not finding it) to map between different tracks, that's not working.

Hi Sinex,
amazing work, thanks!
I just can load it into a midi chanel though, therefore I can't do the envelope follower thing because it's not allowing to charge any instrument besides this synth nore map from another channel any input.
Any tip to load it into an audio file? what am I missing here?
thank you!