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Devices by vargaradu

Arm Exclusive Version 3.0
Clip Delete Version 1.1
Clip Length Version 2.0
Midi Visual Metronome Version 1.0
Simple Latch Version 2.0

Total Downloads: 3,073

Comments by vargaradu


At the moment it's implemented in a cumbersome way, so it's hard to increase the bar length. But I have an idea to totally rewrite it which will make it easier. I'll do my best to find time to finish the new version.


Awesome, brother!

The device just got a facelift. Also upgraded to 8 tracks. The device is now an audio device.

Thx Streuner for the original version, couldn't have done without the complex logic you've built!

Small X-Max gift for you all, bugfixed and upgraded version of this device: