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Ohh actually. it also goes via midi. sorry. But the problem exists unfortunately. There are then eg. double hits on a kick at the beginning. But I'm afraid this problem can't be solved. I can not say exactly what the reason is. Probably because the sequence is always a little behind and very briefly still the "old" clip is heard.

a push2 surface implementation would of course also be an incredible thing :)

Hi, I am completely thrilled with your device. I've been looking for an easy way to sequence in this way for a very very long time. Say, could you create this device also for midi clips? - Whereby there might be a special challenge: Midi notes that are on the one will probably not be able to be played back after a clip change. But maybe I am wrong. I would be very happy to hear from you, to test, to show my appreciation:

phuuhh. i´m absolutely not a max boy :) i wait until you got live 11 - it´s worth - thank you!

hi - nice stuff, but doesn´nt work with my Live-11. Does´nt show min-max & Map Button

Hi. exactly what I´m looking for to trigger Variations in Live_11. BUT what a pitty - it doesn´t work in Live_11. - No mapping shown. Would be great you fix it. THX!!!

hi, yes. I used it in my template to make big steps on my push2. but now it doesn´t work with push2. I can choose everything like usual, but ist doesn´t jump.. nothing habens on the pus-device.

Hi hi,

I´m very sad. Device doesn´t work with Live_11 and my push_2 - Any other experience?