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(also noob first time on max)
is it possible to have a directivity so high it only send the sound to the channel on the pointer ? because for the moment it sends sound to all except the one that is 180° from the pointer.

understand i'm newbee and know nothing ok.
i want 8 channels in circle. it works but when i move from 1 to 2 for exemple there's no "virtual center" between 1 and 2. if i increase the SPREAD so the zones between 1 and 2 are crossed i get little more center but really not enough compared to 1 or 2 alone! so it sounds like the sound is decreasing between 1&2 the only way to get it is to push spread very high but then my sound goes to all the channels.
anyway having one instance per set makes it totally useless for me.
i just bought mx for live for this tool :/