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Great device is it possible to make one that works with serum .

love this device

Is it possible to add more depth say 500 rather than 127 as I use this device to help me come up with ideas for combining different samples.

Really hope this is possible to do

Would it be possible to add a feature where you could drag midi files onto it and it could extract the pitch from the midi file ?

I think this device is just what I'm looking for but just wanted to double check .
is it possible to fold chords ?
and is there a way that I could set it up so any incoming midi notes INCOMING from another midi channel would automatically be forced into those Pacific notes. I want to use it more as a remixed tool so once I find a progression that I like it basically forces anything that comes into it into that same folded progression.
I want to send midi files into the Fold device rather than play on the keyboard ?

Great device,

Would there be a way where you could do the opposite and have all incoming notes go to a certain notes. so for instance if you had a favourite chord progression that you like, all the incoming notes would be forced into those particular notes .so it would basically be off setting the incoming notes.


Great device, would there be away where you could have it so you could type in the notes on each octave you wanted.
so just like on the chord device. Where you can type underneath the dial exactly where you want the note to go LIKE c3 d1 g2 f3 e2.

Would be great if this could be added, I use this device all the time.