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Figured it out! I did not have Max Runtime installed. I assumed using MaxforLive editor would be same as Max Runtime. Its working now, GREAT device!

It looks like I have an issue with Junorouter.

I open it in Max, but it doesn't give me an option to set the output to my Juno.

The only option in the pulldown is Juno106Control.amxd.

Shouldnt I see my actual Juno as an output option? Does it need to be started before Live takes over the Juno?

Oddeo / Fabrizio -

Excellent M4L device! Thanks for designing such a useful thing. I am trying to control my 106 in LIve 9. I think I have everything set up correctly.

I can play notes and change the patch using control, but no other changes such as LFO, DCO, HPF, VCF, VCA, or Env.

Can you help me?