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Ok, I just did a smoother fix! When you open up Futility 3.2 in M4L, there are red Xs over the cables going from the "0" boxes to the mute boxes. Just right click on those Xs and hit "Enable Patch Cord"! That's all it was.

As for the browser/arrangement/device issue, they are functioning as toggles instead of momentary buttons. I don't know enough to do anything about that, but Crampe, if you can switch that button mode it would solve it I think!

Thanks Crampe, hope you get to the bottom of it.
Mike – I opened it up and tried your solution. Works, thank you! The only difference between the Mute button and the Solo/Arm buttons now is that a fairly quick double-press of the Mute button key will not register as it does with the others. You can see the behaviour is different when you mouse-lick the buttons on Futility as well. Weird, but not a huge drawback. Also, though I don't know about M4L routing, the bug seems particularly strange considering the routing of the three buttons was identical before this fix.

Hey Crampe, appreciate you dealing with the undo issue. Some of the key-mapping issues Mike mentioned are happening for me as well in an empty set with no other plug-ins or anything. The Solo and Record buttons toggle as expected, but the Mute button requires a double press to toggle either way. The same thing goes for the browser/arrangement/device switching.

Hi Crampe, just discovered and bought this device! I've used Ableton for 8 or 9 years and I'm really looking forward to speeding up my workflow with this! Just wanted to follow up on the Undo issue brought up last month. Wondering if any progress has been made? Thank you!