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PRO TIP (for @ananth & anyone else interested):

You *CAN* use this device all on a single track!

It just requires nesting a few instrument racks.

Quick example of one possible way to do it:

-New MIDI Track
-Add Retune Receiver to the track
-Add Electric to the track
-Highlight both devices, right-click, and choose Group (cmd+G)
-In the newly created rack, show the chain list
-Highlight the chain, right-click, select Duplicate (cmd+D)
-Make as many instances as you need for polyphony
-Set each instance's Retune Receiver to use a different channel
-Drop an instance of Retune Transmitter before the Rack (and set the number of voices and the tuning appropriately)

If you want to save it for later:
-Highlight both the Transmitter and the rack of devices,
right-click, choose Group (cmd+G)
-Save the new rack as a preset with the disk icon