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hey one more thing actually.

I've been using drumseq for making beats in realtime and I had an idea for something really useful. Would it be possible to use a midi track in ableton to send command signals to the drumseq in order to tell it to start and loop at different positions in the pattern matrix? Because if it was, then you could use the session mode in the launchpad controller to trigger different beats without having to switch to user2 just to switch the pattern.


hey xanadu,

thanks for your response. Is there a way to set it so one push will turn it off? If not, can you tell me where in the code I can change that? I am new to max, but I have been working at figuring your plugin out, so if you know how to change it, I can do it myself with small instructions possibly.


Hey xanadu,

Love this plugin thank you a million times!

I don't know why,but there seems to be a bug on my setup. When I am programming the drums on the launchpad everything works fine except that when I want to turn a step off I have to press it twice. As opposed to when I turn on a step only one press is required.

Does anyone know what could be causing this problem?