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for comparison , the latest .amxd file on github is only 146kb, compared to the 7.1mb file that is causing the crash for me

hey Sevetamryn, good to see your working on the issues, still not sure that it isnt just on my end.

i havent had a chance to check until today but the latest version from your github cannot be imported into Ableton for me. the zip version also registers as invalid

makes my Ableton set unresponsive upon load (Using latest stable version of Live 12 and Max 8.6.2)

The video window is responsive to audio, I just can´t select anything or interact with Ableton in any way.

It does look very nice from what I can see though

Cool device, thanks for posting.

Is there anyway you can stop the device from zooming out when you make an adjustment? Its nice to be able to see exactly where the notes are hitting on the grid but it zooms out to the full clip when making adjustments. from what i can see, the ableton native devices (ie. quantize) don´t have the same behaviour.

My apologies,

error was on my end, had to update HISS tools impulse response Toolbox within Max

Not working in live 11, for me at least. (using Max 8.1.10)

If it helps to debug ;

newobj: irtrimnorm~: No such object
+: doesn't understand "wave"