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More testing: if I save the project with the device deactivated, there is no resampling on load. But as soon as I reactivate the device the resampling starts even if I don't do anything else.
FYI: the two buttons are mapped to keyboard's keys.

Bug: resampling starts on load! As soon as I open a saved project it starts resampling all tracks.
I don't know if it is related to the bug on your other device Futility II that turns on muted tracks when I reopen a project.....

Hi, basic usage and different possibilities also with multiple tracks (I think it could be cool with overlapping melodies). CPU usage is also a thing to keep in mind. Thank you

Same thing here, tracks unmuted reopening a project.

your device is essential for electronic/experimental music, thank you!!

Just a question/request: is it possible to implement a "MIDI bounce" feature? the two "O" are for audio and maybe the "I" for the MIDI.
I keep thinking about it because with arps and complex sequencers I need to route MIDI everytime if I want to save a sequence and keep experimenting, or simply to duplicate for another layer and modify it.
Mapping a button could be veeeery handy!

Any chance?
Thank you

v1.3 works like a charm!!

It seems a cool demo?

I've tried to download it again, at first it worked but then, on the second try, it's bugged again with all the strange track names and the mess.
v1 works fine as usual.

v1 working (I've tested some sidechain stuff), the new v1.2 is a total mess and doesn't work here.