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Sequential Prophet-6 Program Changer Version 1.0

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very nice

yes *_*

i just got the new vst. using that now. yours is still pretty cool.

figured it out just needed to be in a folder called Betawave

i can not get the presets to work. i put Betawave.amxd and the folder of presets in my Max Instruments folder and each preset i open it can not find Betawave.amxd and when i locate it it just opens as the default set up. am i doing something wrong?

this world really good. one problem i am having is if i put the envelop f sue all the way down its doing something odd to the note being played. this is only happening when i use the real nob on the miniature but not if i move within ableton.

this is real nice. only think i think the short and long are switched around.

thank. like this.

very nice. send all works great.

that seams to work with a little bit of needing to stop everything and click in the window. i obviously know nothing about making M4L stuff but a send all / receive all settings would be pretty cool addition to what you have made.

is there any was to send/receive the current settings between the app and the sub phatty. i am having a problem that the setting represented in the app are not the same as the sub phatty after i come back to the project.

perfect. the aftertouch on the push was killing me until i got this

thanks. this is very cool/helpfull