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To follow up :

I downgraded ableton to 9.1 and your device works like described..
9.5 breaks the stutter and pitch edits and from time to time the complete functions fail to react.
9.1 solved most of the problems for me, except two things:
Is it intended that I cannot save the patterns?
The moment I quit everything is lost.
Of course I could record an audio clip but that is not the same..
It happens from time to time that the recorded clips do not start anymore.
I try to restart the brain, re - init also but I cannot get the instance to run again. Do you or anyone :)have any advice on that?

I am aware that you give away your great work for free so please do not feel criticized. That is not my intention.


great device!

Are there known problems with the 9.5 update?
I have the 7.06 M4L Version running ands the good old Push 1 :)
For me the encoders do not work.

And one other question: What is the midi mapping feature within the instance good for?


Thank you for that helpful device!

I cannot make clear enough how thankful I am that you made that device available.
It solves a lot of recording problems for me.
I do not understand why Roland did not make the master FX buttons (the ones on the upper right) and the (center) controller for it available to record those controllers as well..
I do not see any midi information transmitted when I rotate the dial...

It would be great to be able to record every movement...


Ah, that is some good infomation.
I will take a look into that and I think, this will make the difference.



sorry I am not getting it to work. Here is, what I tried so far:

I did create a midi track, assigned your maxforlive device to that track.
set the output to channel 15
set the mx-1 to channel 15
set the midi from to MX-1 and channel 15

I am able to record mx-1 settings from within the mx-1 remote device.
But my knobs and levers are not recorded when I alter them on the hardware mx-1..

I played with the midi settings in ableton preferences, but to be honest, I am not sure, what has to be activated and what not...

Can you post a screenshot of your working setup?