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i wish you could reset the values and add the loudness range.

don't waste your money on this. the UI is clunky, the waveform is very low resolution, and there's no support from the dev.

Would it be possible to display the entire waveform in a single color? This would make it easier to interpret in certain cases.

is there a way to make the linearscope go slower and act more as an average than instant meter?

Unfortunately, as previously stated, this does not move slowly enough, rendering it useless for my needs. What a shame.

this is awesome! it would be nice to have a gain inside the device to make up for the reduction and I wish the UI were more native looking, it's not changing according to the user theme and doesn't fit well with the other devices.

nice device! i would also like to have the option of choosing between # or b. thanks!

this is awesome! do you think you can add an option to show cumulative average rms like voxengo span does? i would pay for that feature to get rid of voxengo span. Thanks!

@redmattre any news from ableton for the max4live drum racks bug? I've already purchased this device but I'm waiting on full drum racks support... Thanks

great plugin! I think @atakana is right, this plugin will look better without the bold font, also making the font black instead of white and rounding the corners of the black window behind the spectogram, like every other stock plugin!

everything else is great! thank you so much!