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ok so it's fairly simple, you midi map one of the dials on your mpd to the scene selector which appears near the bottom of the master track in midi map mode. when you select a scene the patch updates itself, the top left button in the four by four is track one clip equating to the selected scene the next three down are the next three clips. so you map your pads to the four by four grid and you have clip launching over four tracks. it would be fairly simple expand the device over more banks of the mpd if you wanted more than four tracks to play with. this patch seems to be working fine, i found that the issues i am having are with my mpd sending toggle style information whether i am in toggle mode or momentary mode, so the buttons stay on after being pressed. that is why there was a delay under the buttons in the patch to reset them after being pressed and i got stuck in some sort of a loop with that when playing that show. now that i don't need this patch immediately i would like to try and make it more functional so if anyone else with an mpd can try it out and let me know if they have the same problem with the buttons staying on (try the new version) i would like to know if there's something i don't understand about the mpd itself or if it's my mpd.