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NordLead2x Version 3
Ableton Quantization Changes with Lemur Demo Version 1.0

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Just figured out Sysex on my Nord! Lets see if i can do this on the Little Phatty too! :)
Ps JuanSOLO cool lfohhh patch :)

Gotcha, i dont know why i thought you'd tried it. Anyways, i looked into sysex. It looks like you can hack in sysex (not natively supported), but the real trouble is the manual doesnt contain a lick of sysex data for interpreting it (which is real problem). So if you want to impliment it, you'd have to figure out which numbers are assigned, and how the output is configured... aka take for ever... so i too have come up with the same conclusion, it doesn't look doable (unless one wants to spend hours upon hours decoding the messages...)

Another thing, Bitbot, you considering doing presets in here or just leave it to save 1 preset / livesave like it currently is?

bummer... thanks for the reply, that's too bad about sysex...

Bitbot, i bumped the page you gave me at the moog forum, i hope they can give us some further replies.

JuanSOLO, did you try the NordLead2x patch i made for Mu. I am thinking of doing one for the Little Phatty, do you think that would be of use?

anyluck on the sysex stuff? i did a patch for nordlead2x i would like to impliment patch retrieval/storage, just wondering where you got on it before i give it a go. Also just picked up a Slim Phatty and wondering what the progress was here on sysex implimentation for that too.

@ sitcrit

Great to know! You're welcome, glad you're enjoying it!

@ bassik76

I dunno, you'd have to compare the midi cc's btw the devices. I would think they're the same but to make sure i'd check the manuals and compare midi cc's. if they're the same it'll work, but they're not you'll have to edit the patch by renaming the objects.

If it works let me know cause then i can rename it as just NordLead2 (which would encompase 2x as well).

all you do is save your current patch as .maxpatch. open it inside a bpatcher via the inspector. Then you a series of messages of offset x y (which you can get from the inspector) to move bpatcher window. Basically keep the inspector window open, click your mouse on the bpatcher and move it around till you get what you want in view, record that value and make a offest for it. Then make a menu to control the offsets. If you want an example i made one to control the NordLead2x, you can use that as an example of how to do that. find it at


I was posting this for a person the lemur forum, see our postings to find out how to create this. I think if you follow it, it will help you make M4L templates like this:

new bugs fixed: see above for details.

minor changes except that it now loads preset 1 on load. and the basic present's sound is now a basic lead sound, easier to manipulate for creating your own riffs.

hope you enjoy, let me know if there are any issues!

PS If anyone wants to see the insides, what that patcher looks like, go to the JazzMutant Link provided above, download the ZIP file, its in the folder "Inner Workins Max Patches" and labelled Nord_Bulk.maxpatch

That way it may give you an idea of what you can do for your patches too.

Try that, I just forgot to check off save the patcher in parent (within the inspector). If it doesn't work shoot me another message, I sure hope it works for ya. Let me know what you think too.