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absolutely fantastic!! thank you : )

Hey, I love this device!
One problem I have with it though is when I have it on a track and have my settings dialed in, if I save the project and then re-open it later not all the settings will have saved correctly. So I end up having to re-set the wah settings every time Ict.go to work on a projet
This happened to me in Live 10 and Live 11. Any advice?

Amazing, I've been trying to figure out how to get this exact effect in Live for a few days, really glad I stumbled on this! Keep up the great work

I can't get the "buffer size" function to work; any time I have a sample loaded, the device plays the entire sample and changing the buffer size erases the sample. (I'm using Live 10)

I set this device before my drum rack and started playing with the parameters, and noticed that it started omitting some notes in my drum pattern. Even with both parameters set to 0, it would do this as soon as I turned it on. I removed it and then applied another instance of it, and now all notes are triggering and it's working perfectly. Can't seem to replicate what happened but I thought I'd let you know. Running Live 10.1.15. Thanks for making such a simple and useful device!