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Great device! This extends live's functionality in a helpful way.

A few suggestions:

To have this work on any track (not just the 1st track), replace "goto live_set tracks 0" with "goto this_device canonical_parent" - this at least worked in my testing.

Also, to allow for midi to be passed through the device and sent to the destination track, include a "midiin" object routed to a "midiout" object in the patcher.

Have a good one :).

I am trying to use this with an arpeggiator and it seems that since the quantization is delayed slightly after the beat it is quantized to, the arpeggiator is not triggered until the next beat. It would be nice to have a +/- timing offset (or "nudge") function in milliseconds to address this if possible. This would also be a useful groove effect, since notes would fall before or after the beat.

I am looking into trying to address this although I am a max novice and may not figure it out. If anyone else knows how please let me know, or if the developer can implement this that would be great!

Thanks for this handy device.

This device is very helpful, however the counter was creating events that show up in the undo history, making it nonfunctional for me. However, there was a quick fix, which was to go into the max patcher and replace the live.numbox objects with regular integer boxes.