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Any chance that you can provide a vst version of this as well?

This is one of the best devices (if not the best) that I've come across.
A serious composer has to take chord progressions seriously.

This device makes Ableton that much closer to be a serious composing tool.

All we need now are Chord Tracks (ala Cubase) :(

This is awesome work, please continue to work with this one and update as need. I'm definitely keeping an eye on this one.

Also, not to forget the awesomeness of triggering sessions without having to midi map everything (when not using a controller) :D.

I've got to try this one out. I've tried RV's and it worked well. I'll be trying this one next.

Finally we can use clips as arrangement options. AWESOME!

Oh, gosh...
I've been Dreaming of such a device for a while.

Please continue working on any kinks.

I works beautifully. However, I did notice that there were times that it would be unresponsive then continue as normal.

Using clips as arrangements. This will be an integral part of my workflow.

Thanks, again!