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If you're still open to suggestions:


1. Freezing the spectrum and storing and recalling it for reference curve. (Like a matching-EQ).

So, you would recall any saved spectrum you like, (the spectrum recallable in sessions ideally), and the static spectrum curve would sit underneath the current analyzer spectrum. You could then adjust the response time of the active spectrum to be variable all the way up to infinite.

This would let you use saved spectrums as a 'spectral guide' for mixes, busses, instruments etc... (I do this with Ozone 5 all the time, unfortunately they removed this feature from Ozone even though popular.)

2. Use it in almost the same way to create a matching EQ.

It could also store and recall spectrums, and use the real time spectrum to capture the current mix, buss or track with an infinite release time analyzer. After you hit 'stop', you apply an EQ curve made up of the difference between the two spectrums. (maybe limited to a small number of bands... 12, 18, 24 etc...)

Number 2 is obviously difficult, (if even possible in M4L). I'm assuming that's why there isn't one I've seen yet... But hey... Might as well plant the idea!

Cheers and hello. This is my first post here! :)