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So I have to like your Facebook page to download your device? Nice.

Simple, but brilliant idea, and well executed. Particularly love the velocity feature, and the slide/glide function!

But there needs to be more space for the parameter names, but that is something the user can fix pretty easy themselves (if they have Max 6).

Fantastic device, but it seems there problems turning ON a section after using the big "off" button (under 1, 2 and 3).

In other words, I can turn off LFO 1, 2 and 3, but I can't turn it ON again, at least not via the "off" button.

This device crashes Live 9.01 (just change the "Sequence Length" parameter, and it crashes).

Just redownloaded and re-installed, problems with CPU Load are still there, unfortunately.

I highly doubt it's a 32 vs 64 bit problem - I am running the 32 bit versions of both Live 8.3.4 and the Live 9 beta.

Ok, just tried it with Live 8.3.4, and same behaviour there: CPU Load reaches about 500 pretty quickly upon playback, then jumps around between cirka 350 and 6-700 ...

Not working properly in Live 9 (beta 62). CPU Load Meter reaches about 500(!!) after just a few seconds of playback.

Have you tested it with Live 9?

Trying this in Ableton Live 8.2.2b1, and, unfortunately, it is not working. Will an update be available?

Seems it isn't working in 8.2.1 either.