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Saving presets is now fixed :)


Sorry, yes, saving presets appears to be broken. It'll get fixed on the next update. The only workaround for now is to save any important presets to the Minilogue itself.

@broah Thank you! I'd never seen the session randomiser device before. It's excellent. Most definitely an added challenge if you combine the two! Now to write some 92bpm Acoustic Breakcore in 7/8 time... :)

rezoneros - You could use the presets storage in the device itself, perhaps? Shift & click to store a preset, Alt & Shift and click to delete and just click the preset to recall it.

When I was testing it, there seems to be a limit in how much can actually be stored without crashing Max. I've had to set a limit on dictionary size because of this.

Hi rettic. Thank you, and sorry for the late reply.

- You can store presets by holding Shift and clicking an empty preset. Delete presets by holding Alt + Shift.

- Only by saving presets first. Clicking a saved preset will send all stored CC MIDI data to your Minilogue.

gburks - You could try this as a workaround:

1. Download the Midi Filter M4L device:

2. Set up your Minilogue as an External Instrument in Live and load the Minilogue Controller device.

3. Place the Midi Filter device after the Minilogue Controller device and set it to filter CC only.

4. Record your automation

5. Remember to turn off the Midi Filter device before playback.

Sorry for the late replies - I don't check this page too often.

bazarbizar - And kudos to you too! Nice work. Now I just need a Monologue! :)

Frequency - I'm sorry, I'm not exactly sure what you mean. I suspect the answer may be no though.

gburks - Good point. I never considered this but can understand the problem it causes when recording automation. I'll need to look into it. I don't think it's possible to disable MIDI CC recording in the clip, by the way.

Hi joplaete. Yes, it'll do that I'm afraid and I'm not sure how to stop it.

Like you, I'd really like a way of having the 'data send' to go the other way (so from the Minilogue into Live) on launch. However, the only option I can see that the Minilogue has is a 'preset dump'. It won't do this automatically, you have to do it through the settings menus. Also, unfortunately, the way the Minilogue does this is through sysex messages. It won't just send the MIDI CC values of whatever preset you're using. Interpreting the sysex data is proving to be a bit of a nightmare.

If I ever get my head around it, I will definitely include this option in a future update.