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Hi Vargaradu!

Very cool device. Wondering if you would know how to go about building something somewhat similar...

I need a device that behaves in the same fashion (as far as arming tracks exclusively), but that allows me to arm MULTIPLE selected tracks at once (exclusive to the rest of the tracks in the session).

Technically I can achieve this by mapping the arming of all those tracks to a midi CC on a controller and setting Ableton to "exclusive arm", but I'm finding this method to be unreliable. I need something rock solid.

Does that make sense? I can elaborate in better detail if there's somewhere I can email you. I would be happy to donate for your time


Hey Tom,

Great device man, very simple. Very useful. Wondering if
it'd be hard to make a version where the increase/decrease buttons don't stay 'on' so that if you want to continue changing the tempo you don't have to press them twice (to disable and then to engage again).


This is great man. Very useful.

Wondering if it'd be possible to add an option to 'snap' to a different tempo when the next bar hits? No gradual change, just immediate switch in between tempos. I could think of a few instances that'd be helpful. Thanks