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I found something that might help.

Nao Tokui has a Windows version of his M4L.RhythmVAE on GitHub. It also uses libtensorflow. If this M4D device works for you I can use the lib from it.

M4L.RhythmVAE can be found at:

On the right there is a releases link and the third entry leads to the Windows version.


Unfortunately, I have bad news. After I read that you want to test a version for Windows, I made a test with Windows 8 under VMware. Unfortunately it does not work. I get a DLL loading error for libtensorflow. But according to the documentation it should work from Windows 7 upwards.

A short search on the web gives many hits with problems under Windows. Suggested solution is to build a local version using the developer tools. But I don't have any dev tools for Windows.

I'll look at this again when I have more time.