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No love here? Does anybody have any resources they can link me too for setting up an intuitive 'device midi-map per song' set up?


Hey mothergarage and peeps!

I got super excited when I saw this, as I imagined it solving the controller mapping problem I have but after downloading it and playing with it I'm not sure if I've misunderstood its intended purpose if I've just broken it.

I was hoping the mappings would update with the presets and that I could have the 16 knobs on my controller mapped to 16 parameters that I need for song A and for 16 other parameters for song B, those parameters being macros, device controls, mixer controls etc.

It looks like the presets only store and recall the control value of the 16 knobs and there is no way to swap mappings with the presets? Is this correct?

I hoped this would be a drop in replacement for a similar M4L patch I found here, that unfortunately hasn't yet been upgraded to work with live 9 / max 6. -

I'd love to have a dynamic controller mapping update with a clip that I trigger in the first scene of each song in my set, something similar to what is demonstrated in this video. -

If anyone is able to explain how I might do this with MultiMapper16 or any other solution I would finally be satisfied with my ableton live workflow and could die a happy man!

NOTE: I've already tinkered in the MultiMapper16 device and made it compatible with Clip Mapper and it's switching presets when I trigger my mapped clips. I can't imagine how to make it also swap the mappings however :(

Thanks guys.