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Oh that's sad news :(

Let's hope ableton do an update on this
Thanks for your time anyway!

Hi there,

I am still very insterested in the Push naming feature. I could make a payment if you need so, please let me know!

Hi, can you let me know if what I asked on the previous post is possible?

Thank you so much and happy new year :)

Thanks for your response. The Multimap solution has been very helpful! I've grouped them in a rack so I just have to use it whenever I need to map several params into one pot.

About updating the names on Push, you say it would break automation. My suggestion here is to warn user via popup when changing name that that will happen. This way we can confirm the change. Most probably I'd do it just once, and after the automation creation :)

Hi there. Thank you SO MUCH for this! It's almost exactly what I need :)

I have two issues that I wish to share:

- Currently dynamic names aren't updated on Push. It's essential for me to actually see what param I am changing.
- It's not possible to assign multiple params to one knob.

Do you think this will be available in a future update?

Thank you again!