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Oscilloscope Version 1.1
plox Version 1.1

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thanks for the idea! just added a new version with a floating pop out window. let me know what you think!

version 1.1 adds:

* fixed stripnote bug
* Push bank mapping
* "pluck" feature which plucks the fold index with the same shape as the LPG

Thanks for the comments everyone! I have the stripnote fix ready, but still haven't been able to figure out this LPG issue.

@Crampe that's a really good idea. I do have a Push 1 so can take a look but feel free to go for it if you have time to get to it before I do.

@hatyn would love to see your solution since this has been giving me a hard time 😅

@Crampe thank you! hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any feedback

@wetterberg thanks for those great bug finds. I fixed the stripnote bug (will post the updated version later).

In regards to the undo buffer, I've hit a bit of a wall. The simplest option is to change Parameter Visiblity to Hidden, but that makes it so the dials are no longer mappable. I saw documentation in forums around using live.remote~, but honestly am not sure how to implement it. Do you have any tips?