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About modul8tor: Ableton Certified Trainer (ACT)
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Devices by modul8tor

Shepard Box Version 1.1
DrumFire Version 2.0
Send Switcher Version 1.1
Scaler m8r Version 1.1
Track and Scene Monitor m8r Version 1.1
Session Snapshots for Ableton Live Version 1.1
Joystick Gamepad Control - m8r Version 1.0
acoustics - room modes finder m8r Version 1.1
pitchbomb m8r Version 1.1
Push parameter slider - m8r Version 1.0
Midi Flush - All Notes Off - m8r Version 1.0
FloatKeys m8r-adok Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 49

Comments by modul8tor


@Bongo808 - Cool device, thanks.

Could you include on/off, solo and record state of the tracks as well?

Furthermore, the preset should be triggered by Scene Name instead of track number. Why? In a common set, things are constantly updated, reordered and changed, its never static. So mysupersong1_scene1 will always stay the same, whatever the changes are.

You might find some help in the patch of plasticman to do this ->
I like that patch because its lightweight, but there are too many scripts I cannot change so I also go with my own preset patches.

Hi simplicissimus, looks great!
Have a look at one of my patches on this site, Drumfire, which is quite similar to yours.
You might want to use the load samples/folders section implemented in mine.

Hi Moss,
I use your track controller and would need the following:
Have an integer switch the track ID number instead of the selected track defining this ID. Where in the code would that be done?

Very cool, this enables re-automation of sequences live on the fly. Assign the overdub button in live with a controller to temporarily allow changes. This was definitely a missing piece for my live set.