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Shift Register Version 1.1

Total Downloads: 1,623

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1. changelog:

- Added optional delay per shifted step

1.0.1 changelog:

- Code clean-up

1.0 changelog:

- Completely new implementation
- Added visualization
- Incoming MIDI notes sent out 8 times, each with increasing velocity for routing in Live

Known issues:

- Overlapping notes stick forever

0.22 Changelog
- single led to indicate sample/shift rate
- added sample/shift source selector
- added sync and manual sample trigger times
- replaced register content display with colour view instead of midi pitch numbers
- new interface
- better but still buggy note-off handling

v0.21 Changelog:
- no more note doubling due to note off messages
- now values are shifted properly across all registers, no more duplication
- algorithm design improvements

v0.2 Changelog:
- v0.1 wasn't shifting values correctly
- more readable algorithm