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Tintinnabulator Version 1.4

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Beautiful, beautiful work.

Thanks for this - simple and direct - so useful!

Hi GiantEar,

Glad you are enjoying the free prototype and thanks for reporting issues. I've not seen or heard of either of these. Are you saying that you can't turn off random, and sometimes the delay is not instigated even when selected? Can you replicate the issue and let me know the causes? Cheers!

Hey evolvetek! Yes go ahead. Although I have already implemented in 1.5 which has some other tweaks which I'll post soon. 256n is perhaps a bit too granular at most tempi but why not. There is also a 'free' ms delay if you just want a slight flam. The device could also go in a chain and have it's own delay devices (with the M-voice muted) so you have complete control...

Thank you for spotting that phillos! Device now updated (to 1.4) to let all MIDI data through (but still allow M-voice muting).