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Any news about the fix for this? I also can see the steps, but nothing happens when I press buttons on the launchpad. Is there anything that we are doing wrong? Maybe some instructions would be good to provide.

Love your drum racks, any chance to get one for Nithonat as well? Would really love to see that as well.

Just wanted to let you know that I know use Kolorit with Monomodular and it seems more stabile now. Everything works great and I'm not loosing the connection like I had with Gridlock. Also with the Monomodular device you can use a lot more monomer apps together and also keep the use of user 2 on the launchpad for other applications.

Thank you for the great sequencer, I was looking for something like this for my live performance and you have created what I was looking for.

I have experienced that sometimes the connection with gridlock is lost and I have to disconnect and reconnect the device to the zeroconfig again. Also when I got o other tracks and go back to the track with Kolorit, it seems that the less freeze or the connection is lost again.

Might be good to look into this to make the device more stabile, but still great device. I love it.

I have tried this out and this is really the best drum sequencer to use with max for live. Thank you for your great work on this device. It took a while to get it setup with gridlock (monomer emulator), but once you have it setup it is a great device to play with and it will keep you busy for hours. Also very useful for live performance.

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Mike Bosch