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About mekayama: Hi, I am electrounin.
I am Electronic Music Samurai.
I am the wandering crazy electronicmusic.
electrounin=electronic + rounin.
I love Guiter,Synth,Effects , more crazy instruments and Girl !!!

Please Listen My track on Soundcloud.
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MrGreenWoodForLive Version 1.0
Lady Mono Version 1.0
MrGreenWood2 Version 2.0

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> iamsaitam
Thank you for feedback.
Maybe I will take demo movie.

1: set note division check box.
2:set Hold time and Move time(ms time base or synced note time base)
3. push the large circle button(I recommend MIDI Assign like foot sw)
If you turn on "Auto Trigger" , This device triggering by note timing.

I want to use this device in Live9.
But, very unstable in Live9...

Thanks All.
Pitch & Amp LFO can use FM & AM too.
Enjoy! ;D