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I terms of features this is a great device! It is fully compatible with the Push display, so you can change all the parameters of the device in real time; great for live performances. The only thing that I find missing is a 32xnd time mode; that would be great for ambient musicians (like myself).

There is but one *major* issue....

This device, when placed on a midi track, forces the midi track into an audio track. That makes this device incapable of manipulating midi cc messages (by, for example, mapping Veridical to a M4L CC8 device). So using this device to manipulate external synths is impossible. I tried editing the device in MAX 8 to "midi enable" it but I can't unlock it for editing.

Tristan, is it possible for you to update the project file to make it a midi device type and add the required "midi in" and "midi out" object so it will pass midi through on midi tracks? It is very easy to do and would really open up this device to many musicians who use external synths.

Just a quick note of deep thanks for making this available to the public. It is fantastic and solved a HUGE problem for me in Live 11. Brilliant! Bravo!